Caution - Mariah Carey


Yes, you are reading this correctly, Mariah Carey has indeed put out a new album, Caution. Despite publicity that may suggest her voice isn’t what it used to be, she’s still out here making new music. There’s got to be something to admire there, but is the music itself something to admire?

When it comes to the topics covered in this album, there is not too much adventuring from typical topic matter of her music, that being a range between romance and independence. With songs like “Giving Me Life” on the romantic side, and “GTFO” on the independent side.

The charm of this album lies in the feel. The sound of this album reaches back into the age of R&B that Mariah was forged in. The beats will make you want rock your body to the rhythm, and what more could someone ask for from an R&B album? She widens the original scope of the genre a bit with more electronic and synthesized sounds, but this does not take away from the movability of the music. These newer sounds are incorporated in a way where they still feel old, so it appears more seamless than forced. As far as the vocals of this album, there is nothing spectacular or shocking within the album, possibly a reflection of the frying she’s done to her vocal chords throughout the years. The most potentially shocking thing is that she explores the effect of autotune on her voice in a really noticeable way, which is a bit new for her but not new to the industry.

To wrap up, Mariah made a nice, standard, enjoyable R&B album. Considering I had nothing to ask of Mariah Carey at this point in my life, I’m happy with what she’s delivered. If you ever need some stock R&B in your life, look no further.

CJ Rosado

Cassie Scheirer