Everything's Fine - Jamie Drake


Jamie Drake gracefully descends into the music industry, dropping her debut album Everything’s Fine, and we are all fortunate for it. This album is full of cleanly recorded, soul lifting music that will make you wonder why there was ever a moment you felt a bad feeling.

Every song on this album is characterized by soft, ethereal sounds that seem to embody a feeling of weightlessness. This is accomplished with open instrumentation and Drake’s calm voice, which may be the most stunning part of the album. Although singing can generally be thought of as a pushing of air from the body, Drake seems to effortlessly guide air from her lungs to the world, purposeful yet entirely natural. 

I think the album’s accomplishments are most effectively showcased with the songs “Redwood Tree” and “Make a Spark”. “Redwood Tree” begins with a heavenly bowed string melody and added vocal support, and quickly switches into an upbeat ensemble of elegant folk instrumentation that will have you unconsciously swaying. “Make a Spark” is an evolving song. It begins with accompanying guitar and seamlessly shifts into a more airy body of sound of backup vocals and quick strings. Then, we shift again to more digital sound, before quickly reverting back to the solo guitar, almost just to remind you where you started and where you went. 

This album allows the music to grow and unfold before you, delicately holding your hand and taking you on a small half hour journey through something tranquil and lovely. For this reason I believe the album earns a solid 5/5, for making me feel a little lighter and surprising me every step of the way.

CJ Rosado

Cassie Scheirer