Tchami at the Rex Theater

February 26, 2017

By Sharina Lall

On a quiet, wintery Wednesday night in Pittsburgh’s Southside, Tchami brought the house down at his sold-out show at the Rex Theater. Despite the freezing winds and snowfall outside the venue, the crowd dripped in sweat from dancing and jumping around to the intense, energetic beats produced by Tchami, the French-native DJ who launched The Prophecy Tour throughout the U.S. with fellow producer Mercer earlier this year. Tchami, who calls his music “future house,” combines deep house with club music into his mixes, creating a new dynamic sub-genre within electronic dance music.

Accompanying Tchami as an opening performance was Mercer, whose lively house music successfully prepared the crowd for the headliner’s set. In regards to the venue, the Rex Theater was definitely a good choice for a show like this. The acoustics that the Rex provides highlighted the heavy bass and upbeat melodies that characterize this kind of deep house music. Two smoke machines flanked Tchami on stage, ready to ignite when the beat dropped, and colorful laser lights added to the whole experience.

This was one of the later shows I’ve ever been to on a weekday, as I’m sure it was for many people in the crowd, so it was difficult at first to muster up the hype for a late-night house music concert. But immediately after Tchami took the stage, my tiredness drifted away and I danced with the crowd to the energetic music. Impressively, his energy did not falter throughout his 2-hour set. I was especially satisfied when he played some of my favorite tunes, including “After Life” and “Untrue.”
Mixed into his setlist of original songs was a selection of remixes he has produced for popular songs. The crowd screamed in joy when he began playing his remix of “You Know You Like It” by AlunaGeorge and “Timeless” by Caroline Koch. I can’t say that there was any time during his set that I felt tired or bored – his music made it impossible to stay still. Essentially, the show made an average Wednesday feel like a huge party.

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