Concert Review: Mac Miller

October 14, 2016

Review by Liam van Oort

Photograph by Imogen Todd

On September 18th, rapper and Pittsburgh-native Mac Miller delivered an energetic performance  at Stage AE. Last year, I saw Miller in Austin, TX during the GO:OD AM tour, and it was a completely different experience. There, he gave a messy performance, arriving on stage drunk two hours late, barely able to spit out his verses: He gave a lackluster performance that left something to be desired. But this time, Miller was on fire. He translated his excitement into the crowd, calling Pittsburgh, “the best city in the entire world” and whipping out unusual dad-like dance moves on stage. Maybe it was the fact that he was playing in his home town, or that his new boo Ariana Grande was there with him; maybe it was the Steelers victory or being six months sober. Whatever the reasons, he gave an excellent performance, and made sure the show focused only on him. He enlisted lesser known opening artists and restrained from bringing out Ariana Grande, who stood off to the side of the stage (but attracted attention nonetheless). While he played a few songs from his new album, The Divine Feminine, he focused mostly on his “greatest hits” and songs from GO:OD AM. Highlights included “Loud,” “100 Grandkids,” “Knock Knock,” “Best Day Ever,” “Nikes on My Feet,” and “Weekend.” When he played “Donald Trump,” he stopped and told the audience to “f*ck Trump” and vote for anyone other than the talking carnival peanut. Overall, Miller gave an eccentric performance that highlighted both his music and the city of Pittsburgh. A stark contrast from when I saw him previously, this new, energetic, and refreshed Mac Miller is everything I could have wanted.


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