Album Review: Is the Is Are

April 28, 2016

DIIV_-_Is_the_Is_AreBy: Christopher Schuler


Is the Is Are opens with “Out of Mind” and “Under the Sun,” two gorgeous, punky songs with shimmering guitars and undeniable basslines. I hated Diiv’s debut, but for about 7 minutes I was convinced they had made me a convert. Unfortunately, I still had 56 minutes to go. The rest of the album meanders around, drifting through one beautiful track after another but failing to hold my interest past the first riff. The vocals do nothing to help; frontman Zachary Cole sounds as bored as I felt.

Make no mistake, no other contemporary band has guitar tones as perfect as Diiv’s. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to know what to do with them. With an album playing over an hour long, that’s a cardinal sin. There may come a time when this band figures out how use all their pretty pedals for something useful, but they haven’t yet. Avoid this album unless you wonder what The Cure would sound like after an Ambien overdose.

1/5 Scissors


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