Album Review: Hymns

April 11, 2016

Hymns CoverBy: Daniel DeLuca


Block Party is a band that once seemed like it could never disappoint me. Unfortunately, the original drummer and bassist left the band before the recording of their fifth album, Hymns. Both musicians were integral parts of the original band, and I began to worry. It turns out this fear was deserved. The rest of the album is a mess, filled with weird vocals and clear signs the band isn’t sure what direction to move in. Featuring the bizarre country shuffle of “The Good News” and lackluster drumming on “Virtue,” the rest of the album does not impress. Kele Okereke, usually incredibly inventive, lacks inspiration and the only track that shines is “Living Lux,” where his vocals portray raw emotion over a simplistic beat. Not even small highlights can save the album, and one can only hope the band will get their sound back before it is too late.

1/5 Scissors

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