Interview: Cherub

November 16, 2015

Cherub is a two-piece duo out of Nashville, Tennessee that combines the electronic vibes of the 80s, anthemic party music, and funk. Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley, who met in college, play their hearts out on stage. They’re constantly building their fanbase with party-friendly, high energy music that never fails to entertain. The Cut got the band on the phone the afternoon before their show at Mr. Small’s Theater to talk about their ever increasing presence, what it’s like to keep growing as a band, and their future plans.


Cherub Concert Photo


The Cut: You guys have been to Pittsburgh before, right?

Jason Huber: It’s one of those places that’s not a city that people talk about a whole bunch, but I think it’s a really, really cool city. It’s really pretty, I don’t think people realize how pretty it is.


TC: How did the band come about out of college?

JH: We had actually dropped out of college.  We started it through a mutual enjoyment of music and a want to perform.  It just ended up working out.  We were able to start getting shows and tour and eventually start making enough money to pay rent.


TC: What sort of gigs were you trying to get when you were first starting out?

JH: We were trying to get any gig, like house shows, and luckily, Jason and Bryan, our tour manager, had been working during festivals the year before we started the band.  Through the connections that they made we were able to get a couple shows and kind of build from that.


TC: Bands that influenced you guys?

JH: Jason loves Dave Grohl.  We got to see him recently at ACL. When the first album was being made, I listed to a lot of classics and Phoenix and The Bag Raiders, Miami Horror, and stuff like Empire of the Sun. I also listen to rap.


TC: Have you gotten to see some of them before?

JH: We’ve gotten to perform for a number of our influences which has been pretty cool. We even got to play with Sublime.


TC: How has it been touring with two openers now?

JH: It’s good. It’s awesome. We have asked groups on tours and we’ve been super stoked. We’ve been able to reach out to artists that we enjoy to play with us so that it’s a show that we’re proud of.


TC: So you guys have a good amount of input into choosing who you want your openers to be?

JH: It’s all artists that we want to come on the road.  If the artist wants to, we can make it happen. When we’re picking our openers, the biggest part in the decision making process, in addition to being something we personally enjoy, we try to figure out what would be the best show for people to come out and see. We want the best acts out there possible.


TC: What do you think was the biggest factor in your support when you were starting out early on?

JH: A lot of it had to do with, in addition to going out and playing shows and getting a ton of people, sharing the music for free, being able to share with your friends.  When we go out and play a show, then they have something to show their friends. And then the next time we show up, then there are more people there.  Everything just came together with going out and playing live a lot and having music out there for free.  That contributed to the way people were sharing our music.

Jordan Kelley: I 110% agree with what Jason said.

JH: Aw, thanks man.


TC: It’s interesting how music has changed into bands having to tour a lot to really push their publicity; do you guys enjoy being on tour?

JH: We love being on tour.

JK: We do.

JH: It’s a lot of fun. We’ve been touring for the last 5 years, pretty non-stop and kind of doing it in every different capacity so far. We were driving around just the two of us in our car for a while, then there were 4 of us in my car, then there was a van that we were driving around in.  We’ve done a bit, actually, a lot, of flying around, and now we’re on a bus, there’s 13 of us. The crew has definitely grown and it’s been a lot of fun to build this family of people that’s all working together around us as we’ve been touring. So far, it hasn’t gotten old yet and it’s gotten more and more exciting.  And, as more people are coming out, getting rowdier at the shows with us, it’s only getting better.


TC: Yeah, that’s kind of what you guys have been going for right?

JH: Yeah, live shows have been a huge part of what we do and because we haven’t been incredibly dependent upon music being sold, we’ve been going out and really living off of our live show.  It’s allowed us to be very creative and not limit ourselves and not try to put too much pressure on the creative part of the process. As we’re writing new music now, it’s been really exciting to experiment with all the new stuff.


TC: Yeah, I’m guessing you guys just put it in a show and see how it works out.

JH: Yup.


TC: What are some of the inspirations for some of the stories?

JH: Life man. It’s elementary school, preschool, life. From there on out, they’ve been calling me Dapper Dan.


TC: Now that you’re touring with an album, what are your plans for the near future?

JH: Just keep treating Jason right. The key to our success is communication.

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