Dream Theater Album Review

October 13, 2013

Dream Theater has stepped up to the plate in their new, self-titled release with songwriting that captures the orchestral, epic feel Dream Theater has increasingly tried to embody for the last fifteen years, and simultaneously imbues each song with an unprecedented accessibility.

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The songs on Dream Theater take a few different forms. Songs like “False Awakening Suite”, the heavy part of “Behind the Veil”, and of course, “The Enemy Inside”, echo Dream Theater’s hard, but not quite truly heavy metal feel recorded in Systematic Chaos. “The Looking Glass” and “Surrender to Reason”, in contrast, have a very Rush-like feeling – a new avenue for Dream Theater. “Along For The Ride” harkens to arena rock in an unexpectedly relatable ballad. Finally, Dream Theater closes with a typical 22 minute technical masterpiece. Saying Dream Theater truly breaks new ground in this release would be an exaggeration, but they have mastered their own subgenre, and it shows in this self-titled release.


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