December Mixtape: The Cut's Gift to You

December 9, 2010

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We at The Cut were feeling charitable this holiday season and decided to give gifts to all of our loyal readers; however, it was quickly brought to our attention how much how much money that might cost us, so that idea was more or less scrapped. But don’t worry. You ain’t going home empty-handed. Instead of giving you actual, physical gifts, we figured we’d give you the greatest gift of all: the gift of music. So stuff your stocking and surround your Hanukkah bush with some choice tracks. When you give ‘em a listen, imagine the ballin’ gifts they would be — you know, if we had a budget.

“This Way” – Psapp
A DVD your stoner friend picked up in the preschool-age section of the video store, which you suspect wasn’t intended for preschoolers. He suggests you watch it high. (Scott Rosenfeld)

“Lullaby” – Emitt Rhodes
A handmade sweater from your grandfather’s second wife that your little brother thinks is hideous but you know is ironic. All it needs a pair of thrift store skinny jeans and plastic frame glasses. (Sara Keats)

“World of Chances” – Demi Lovato
That trip to the coast you insist needs to happen because things always work out okay in the end, even when you’re know you have problems. (Daniel Lipson)

“It’s Alive” – Gucci Mane
A faux diamond dollar sign necklace your go-to wingman bought you so that chicks at clubs won’t care what you drive. It’ll work eventually. (Zach Armentrout)

“The Humans are Dead” – Flight of the Conchords
A sock puppet starter kit for which your best friend, still in touch with her maniacal inner child, completely disregards the boxes still under the tree. You’ll be getting a used-sock puppet for your birthday. (Marci Calabretta)

“Quitter’s Raga” – Gold Panda
That oddly, alluring, silken tapestry your hippie Aunt brought your family after her trip to India. (Nick Rock)

“Eddie’s Ragga” – Spoon
The Quitter’s Raga tapestry your hippie Aunt gave your cousin Eddie two years ago? Eddie’s cheap, so now he’s giving it to you. (Sara Keats)

“Tip The Weatherman” – Shook Ones
The drum set you begged your parents for, but they told you musicians never do anything productive with their time. So you got a set of encyclopedias. (Kristen Swanson)

“Set Guitars to Kill” – And So I Watch You from Afar
A Nerf bazooka gun with the heat-seeking projectiles your parents were dumb enough to buy for you. They won’t be spared. No one will. (Alex Reyes-Morales)

“We Used to Wait” – Arcade Fire
A really long literary anthology from your grandpa, who for some reason thinks people still read books. I want an iPad, you old bitch! (Wyatt D’Emilia)

“Love My Way” – The Psychedelic Furs
The Cabbage Patch Kid you begged for 25 years ago, but never got. Having it now makes you feel like the coolest kid in school. (Amer Al-khouja)

“Playing with Fire”- Brandon Flowers
The Easy-Bake Oven that supplied you with numerous delicious sugary baked goods and miraculously slipped under your mom’s no-junk-food radar. (Veronica Kawka)

“Wagon Wheel” – Old Crow Medicine Show
The weird, lumpy sweater that your aunt gave you two years ago; it sat in your drawer, unworn all that time until one day you put it on when everything else was dirty and realized that it was the softest, warmest thing you owned. (Magdalen Silberman)

“Shots” – LMFAO
That really lame present you have to get every year. Sure, you can frantically brandish your meticulously written wishlist to all your friends and family in hopes of avoiding those dreaded socks, but someone’s going to

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miss the memo and give you that damn “gift.” (Lisa Kwon)

“Fools Rush In” – Bow Wow Wow
The stuffed animal you sent your crush as a “Secret Santa” in the 7th grade. You thought you’d win her over with your sentimental gesture, thus clearly demonstrating your sexual prowess…never was such sweet naiveté rejected so swiftly and efficiently.  (Christina Mitas)

“On & On” – People Under the Stairs
The homemade picture frame that holds your favorite photo of you and your closest friends. It reminds you of good times, and it still makes you smile every time you look at it. (Marcy Held)

“BEER!” – Psychostick
A gag gift from your holiday-drunk uncle. (Shelby Cunningham)

“I Better Run” – The Rosebuds
A batch of suspiciously good brownies from your Aunt Aileen, but you have these sneaking suspicions that she may be responsible for why no one’s actually seen your Uncle Bernie in years. Come to think of it, your Great-Aunt Mabel’s been mysteriously absent too. (Dan Curhan)

“8-Bit Jesus” – Doctor Octoroc
That toy you found in your closet from Christmases long ago. It was from that cool uncle who remixed classic Christmas songs with NES game soundtracks to make an album of surprisingly catchy chiptunes. What’s that? You’re at Carnegie Mellon. You have to know what this means.  (Mike Ryan)

“Jude Law And A Semester Abroad” – Brand New
A sentimental gift from your now ex-significant other that was adorable at the time but now just makes you want to punch them. (Hannah Dellabella)

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